Questions To Ask Before Having A Dead Tree Removed

1 August 2023
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If you have a dead tree on your land, it is a good idea to have it removed before it falls over on its own. Most tree removal companies will be happy to remove a dead tree. In fact, this accounts for the majority of some tree removal companies' business. However, in order to better understand the tree removal process and what your tree removal company will do, it's a good idea to ask the following questions before they start working on your tree.

How will they avoid damaging your property?

Dead trees are fragile. The branches and limbs may break before the tree care company is able to remove them. Ask how your tree care company plans on dealing with this and protecting your home. In some situations, they may put down a tarp to catch smaller branches. If there is a particular limb that looks weak, they may trim that limb off before knocking down the rest of the tree. Make sure you're comfortable with the tree removal company's plan before they start.

Do they have liability insurance?

Removing a tree does come with risks. A tree removal company will do all they can to keep a branch from falling on your home, garage, or other structures, but sometimes accidents do happen. Liability insurance will pay to repair any damage that the tree removal company accidentally causes when working on your land. So, make sure the company you hire carries such a policy and ask to see proof of that policy.

Do they recommend removing any other trees?

If the tree removal contractors are looking around your yard already, ask them whether they see any other trees that should be removed. They may spot one that is diseased or one that has a lot of dead limbs already. If you have multiple trees removed at once, you might be eligible for a discount. The tree removal company won't have to drive to your place or pack all of their equipment twice. Plus, when they leave, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing all of your remaining trees are strong and stable.

Dead trees should be removed promptly. Get in touch with a tree removal company, and ask them the questions in this post. Their answers will tell you more about what to expect once they start working, and whether you should have other trees removed, too.