How Do Tree Removal Companies Remove Trees In Confined Spaces?

12 July 2023
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Removing a tree from a wide, open space is pretty easy. The tree removal experts make a few cuts, knock the tree down, and then cut the felled wood into logs. But what if your tree is in a rather close, confined space, such as a small yard? You can't just have the tree knocked down, so what are your options? Luckily, tree removal companies have several strategies they can use to remove trees from close, confined spaces.

Top-First Removal

This is the low-tech option, and it was how most tree removal companies removed trees from confined quarters when only basic tools were available. Essentially, the technician will start by removing the top of the tree. They may stand on a platform or even use a harness to climb the tree in order to access its top and remove it with a chainsaw or even a handsaw. Once the top is gone, they move a little lower and make another cut, once again removing just a small section of the trunk. They keep repeating this pattern all the way down until the tree is just a stump.

Top-first removal is time-consuming, and there is a risk of one of the sections of the tree falling on something nearby. However, since the sections are small, any damage they cause is likely to be minimal.

Crane Removal

A higher-tech way to remove a tree from an enclosed area is to use a crane. The technician will essentially use the crane to reach down, grab the tree trunk, and hold it in place. Someone will cut the tree trunk near its base, and then the crane operator will lift the whole tree straight up. The tree can then be set down in some empty space and cut into chunks. Or, if there is no empty space nearby, the tree can be loaded on a hauler and taken to another area for disposal. 

Removing a tree with a crane is faster than the top-down approach. However, not all tree companies have access to cranes to do this kind of work. And if the area where the tree is located is really confined, there may not even be room for the crane.

Which approach works best will depend on the layout of your backyard, the condition and size of the tree, and your budget. For more information on tree removal, contact a professional near you.