Tree Services: 4 Tree Removal Solutions Your Arborist Can Offer

31 March 2023
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Trees are essential for our ecosystem, providing oxygen and food, stabilizing soil, and much more. However, when trees become a hazard for your home or yard, you may need to remove them. That's why it's important to consult an arborist for tree removal services. The professionals understand the best practices for removing trees in your area and will find the solution that makes sense for you. Here are four tree removal solutions your arborist can provide:

Roots-Only Removal

Roots-only removal is a great solution if the tree is relatively small and healthy or if you're looking to replant in the same area. The roots are removed using specialized tools to ensure the surrounding soil remains undisturbed. For instance, an arborist may use a root saw and pruners to cut the roots off, or they may use traditional cutting tools. The solution is great for trees that are located close to people, buildings, or other plants as it helps to minimize disruption.

Stump Grinding

If the tree is too large to remove or if you want to leave just a stump, an arborist may suggest stump grinding. The process involves removing the tree's trunk and most of its roots, leaving behind a small piece of wood called a stump. The arborist can then use a grinding machine to grind the stump down so it's level with the ground. The solution is ideal if you're looking to remove a tree and its roots without disturbing the soil.

Sod Removal and Replacement

If you're looking to remove a tree from your yard, an arborist may suggest a sod removal and replacement service. The process involves removing the tree, its roots, and the topsoil beneath it to ensure the surrounding area is undamaged. The arborist can then bring in new soil and sod to replace the removed material, so your yard looks beautiful again.

Tree Pruning

Sometimes, it's not necessary to remove the entire tree if a few of its branches are causing problems. In this case, an arborist can provide tree pruning services to remove the damaged or diseased parts of the tree. It is a great solution if you want to keep the tree healthy and attractive while reducing possible hazards.

Overall, there are many solutions your arborist can provide for tree removal services. Whether you want to remove a tree entirely or just trim it, your arborist can find the best solution for you. With their help, you can keep your yard safe, healthy, and attractive. Contact a tree care company, such as Accurate Tree Service & Stump Grinding, LLC, to learn more..