3 Facts Your Local Tree Experts Want You To Understand About Tree Maintenance

3 January 2023
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Tree trimming isn't optional. Regular pruning is necessary for healthy tree growth and longevity. Landscaping trees left to grow independently without care or maintenance have a much shorter life span than those that are properly maintained.  

As a homeowner responsible for maintaining trees, here are three facts about regularly-scheduled tree trimming that your local tree experts want you to know:

Fact #1: Annual Pruning Has Five Effects on Trees

There are five effects on a tree when it is pruned:

  1. Shapes the tree
  2. Promotes flowering and fruiting
  3. Restricts growth
  4. Prevents disease
  5. Wounds the tree temporarily

As you can see, the benefits of trimming outweigh the temporary wounds inflicted by cutting tools.

However, since pruning does wound trees, it's crucial to plan the cuts and limit them to necessary cuts when possible. By pruning each year during the dormant season, the tree is better able to heal than if it is only trimmed every few years, and when many more, larger branches are removed all at once.

Fact #2: Regular Tree Maintenance Reduces Hazards

Not only do the trees in your yard need to be healthy, but they also need to be safe for the people, pets, and objects around and below them. Someone can easily be killed by a branch falling from a tree. And as a homeowner, it's your responsibility to maintain your trees to avoid falling limbs. You could be held responsible if you neglect to mitigate potential damage properly and someone is injured.

Trimming trees regularly will increase the safety around the tree, and the risk of falling dead, damaged, or diseased branches is significantly reduced. Pruning also helps prevent overgrown or misgrown branches from being damaged by wind and storms. Often, these damaged branches fall or blow out of trees in high winds.

Fact #3: Yearly Tree Care Promotes Tree Growth and Health 

One of the most significant advantages of yearly tree trimming is it ensures trees grow healthy and strong. Trees grown with regular care develop strong trunks and can withstand droughts, storms, and disease.

When trees are pruned, the tree shifts nutrients and resources to areas promoting positive growth and no longer needs to feed areas destined for failure. When a tree utilizes its resources for positive growth, it will look healthy and robust.

Lastly, when trees are properly maintained by a full-service tree expert each year, they will remove any branches starting to show any signs of disease or insect infestation. This prevents the spread of disease and keeps your trees healthy.

Contact a local tree service to learn more.