Have An Oak Tree? Watch Out For Horned Oak Galls

9 December 2022
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If you have an oak tree, one problem you need to watch for is horned oak galls. Below is information on what this is so you know what to watch for. You will also find information below on how to treat oak trees that have horned oak galls so your trees will stay healthy for you. 

Horned Oak Galls

If your oak tree has horned oak galls, you will see growths the size of golf balls on the twigs and branches. This is caused by tiny wasps. Galls will get larger over a two-year period and can house hundreds of wasps. Eggs are laid inside the galls, and they will then hatch. When this happens, the galls get hard and dry once the wasps leave. When the female wasps leave the nest, they lay their eggs on leaves to start a new generation of horned oak galls on the trees. 

If your tree is lightly infested, it can live for many years. If the problem spreads on the tree, however, it can cause branches to die back, and over time, your oak tree will die. This may take many years, which is why it is important to get the problem taken care of as soon as you notice these growths on the branches. 

Hire a Tree Service

If you notice any sign of horned oak galls on your oak tree, contact a tree service immediately. The tree service contractor will inspect the oak tree to ensure it does have horned oak gall. If found, they will prune the tree and destroy all branches and twigs that are infested with this. They will then burn the galls to kill any eggs and wasps that may be inside them. 

When they are finished, the galls are removed from your yard and placed in a tightly sealed container or bag. The pest control contractor then disposes of it immediately. Your yard is raked to remove all leaves that are infested that have fallen to the ground. These leaves are then destroyed and removed from your property. All these steps will help prevent the horned oak gall from spreading to other oak trees you may have in your yard. 

Prevent Horned Oak Galls

There are some things you can do to help prevent horned oak galls from forming or prevent them from coming back again. The best way to do this is to make sure your tree stays healthy. Horned oak gall can grow easily on a tree that is suffering from damage.

To keep trees healthy, they should not have any stress. You can prevent this by making sure your trees get enough water if you have long dry periods. You should also fertilize your oak trees at least once a year to keep them healthy and strong. 

The tree service company that you hire will give you much more information about horned oak gall.