What Happens When You Have Tree Pruning And Shrub Services Done?

7 November 2022
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If you have never had tree pruning done on your trees before, you may not know what to expect when you have this service done. The reality is this is a landscaping service that will yield results you can instantly see and appreciate. Learn more about what tree pruning can do for your yard so you can appreciate the service and what the investment can do for you even more.

Tree pruning is important, and you'll soon realize why. Here are just some of the things that will happen when you have tree pruning done.

Your trees will instantly look better

Like a haircut helps transform and update your look, so does tree pruning improve the appearance and vitality of a tree. Tree pruning removes the older branches that may be too long or low and also helps thin out the tree so it can have better access to the sun. More sunlight means healthier and stronger growth, and a tree can live longer than it might otherwise without tree pruning.

Your trees will instantly be healthier

Your trees rely on regular tree pruning to keep them healthy. If you remove the dead and dying branches and newly budding ones when you are trying to slow growth down — which is common in fruit trees — you do your part to make your trees healthier. It's easier and cheaper to take care of a tree to keep it healthy than to treat a dying one or remove a dead one, so keep this in mind as you schedule regular tree pruning.

Your shrubs will instantly add curb appeal

The shrubbery around your yard is designed to help frame your landscape and add curb appeal to your home. This is only accomplished, however, if you actually take care of your shrubs and have them trimmed so they look great. Shrub services include removing dead or thinned-out shrubs and trimming or cutting what's left. Have shrubs topped or leveled or make them into decorative shapes for added curb appeal you can enjoy in your front and back yard.

Your tree pruning expert will either charge you for the entire service as a flat fee or charge per tree or shrub. They may even charge by the hour, depending on the type of service you have them do and what your budget is. Talk to a tree technician to learn more about how much their services cost and what they entail.