Tree Trimming Errors: Here Are The 4 Most Common To Watch Out For

15 August 2022
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There are plenty of reasons you may consider trimming your trees. For instance, trimmed trees look more appealing and are devoid of loose branches that may be a safety risk. But regardless of your reason for tree trimming, you must do it right. This is only possible if you involve the services of an experienced arborist. Tree trimming experts know the growth patterns of trees, and they'll only trim those that put you and your property at risk. This guide shares some errors a tree trimming professional can help you avoid.  

Removing the Ends of a Branch

It's advisable not to make head cuts as they affect your tree's structure and aesthetic appeal. The problem with such cuts is that they spur the growth of other small, weak branches that aren't appealing. Besides their displeasing appearance, they're highly likely to break off. That means you'll require frequent trimming to avert accidents. Nevertheless, there are instances when such cuts are a perfect choice. However, only an experienced arborist is well positioned to make this crucial decision.

Randomly Selecting the Branches to Cut

When trimming branches, you shouldn't just choose them at random. The advantage of using the help of a professional is that they pay attention to the branches they should and shouldn't remove. On top of that, they know the right distance to cut and the appropriate method to use when cutting. By failing to make the right cuts, your tree could become weak.

Cutting the Branches Close to the Base

While trimming your tree branches, ensure that you don't cut them close to the base. Keep in mind that this area of your tree has plenty of vascular tissue. Therefore, cutting the base of a branch leads to the loss of sap and causes the area to develop a wound. This affects the vascular system of the tree, eventually weakening it. Therefore, leaving a few inches from the branch is important, as it ensures that the tree receives adequate water and nutrients.

Excessive Trimming of the Trees

Over trimming can cause serious issues in your trees down the line. For instance, excess removal of branches exposes the trunk to too much light. Furthermore, the leaves will receive little nutrition, which impacts the overall health and appearance of the tree. The best way to avoid such problems is by enlisting the help of an experienced tree trimming professional. 

If you're planning a DIY tree trimming exercise, you have good reasons to avoid it. These mistakes can be costly and ruin your well-manicured landscape. So it is best to leave your tree trimming needs to a professional arborist.

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