When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

12 May 2022
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Sometimes, the decision to remove a tree isn't easy. When you have a large, majestic tree that creates shade and attracts beautiful birds into your property, you may not imagine your yard without it. However, if the tree threatens your personal safety or is a danger to your property, you need to let the tree go. Below are four situations when tree removal is necessary.

The Trunk Is Compromised 

Have you seen large cracks, splits, or wounds in your tree's trunk? If yes, that's a warning sign of internal decay. Even if the cracks have been there for a long time, the tree isn't safe, as internal decay can remain on a tree for years.

Eventually, the decay will cause the tee to fall. This is dangerous, especially if the tree is near your home or an area that people pass by, as the fall often happens suddenly without notice. Nothing is worth your safety, so have the tree removed as soon as possible. 

The Tree Is Becoming Invasive

Despite how beautiful your tree is, it needs removal if its roots encroach on your home's foundation, pavements, or underground water lines. The same case applies if the branches disturb your home, nearby power lines, or other utilities. 

Sometimes, you can solve this issue by pruning the overgrown branches or roots. However, if the tree is too close to your home, pruning may not be a safe option. The tree is alive, which means the roots will keep growing even after pruning. To protect your property, remove the tree and grind the stump and roots to prevent future damage. 

The Tree Suffered Severe Damage in a Storm

Huge storms can cause severe tree damage, including crown twists, root failure, stem failure, and even a complete blow over. With time, the damaged tree will die and become a serious safety hazard on your property. To be safe, call an arborist to inspect your trees after a storm. They will assess the damage caused to determine if tree removal is necessary. 

The Tree Blocks a Spectacular View or Casts Unwanted Shade

A large tree in the line of a window or door can block a spectacular view. Perhaps your home is near the coast, and you want a good view of the water and shore. Or maybe the tree blocks your view of the gate, and now you can't see visitors approaching your home. 

A tree could also cast an unwanted shadow on your home. This blocks the sun, which could cause cold indoor temperatures. You deserve beautiful views and a comfortable home, so don't hesitate to seek tree removal services. 

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