4 Reasons You Should Go With Stump Grinding Immediately After Removing A Tree

19 April 2022
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Removing unsightly and dead trees from your property is the first step toward getting your yard back. Next, you need to get rid of the stumps. Stump grinding is a smart way to remove stumps. 

1. Quick 

One of the most important reasons to use stump grinding is because it is quick. Depending on the size of the tree, it will take at most a few hours to cut the tree down. After that, you are left with a stump in the ground. If you hire a company to come and grind the stump up, the tree will be gone in a matter of hours, and so will the stump. It only takes minutes to grind up a stump; allowing the stump to degrade naturally or using chemicals to accelerate the process can take months or years. Grinding is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get rid of an old stump. 

2. Environmentally Kind

Allow a stump to rot can introduce pests you don't want on your property. Pouring chemicals over the stump to get it to degrade faster usually isn't that kind to the environment. Pulling the stump out can cause havoc to your yard and surrounding vegetation.

The friendliest option for removing a stump is to grind it up. The grinder will grind the stump in place; nothing has to be pulled out, and nearby vegetation will not be disturbed. No unfriendly chemicals will leach into the surrounding soil. The stump will be ground down, literally going down into the ground to turn it into chips. It is turned into something useful, and no harm is done to the surrounding environment. 

3. Stop Tree Sprouts

If you leave a tree stump in place, you might have to deal with tree sprouts popping up. They can pop up over time from the remains of the tree trunk and the roots still connected to the stump. Tree sprouts can be time-consuming to remove. Grinding up the stump right after the tree is removed will save you from dealing with tree sprouts coming up out of the ground. 

4. Keep Your Yard Safe

Tree stumps present a tripping hazard for pets and children; there are very few reasons to keep a tree stump in your yard, and the benefits of keeping the stump rarely outweigh the potentially hazardous situations.

Get rid of the tree stumps in your yard as soon as you remove the tree. Contact a tree service like Tree Landers to learn more about tree stump grinding.