Spruce Up Your Front Yard With Several Landscape Additions

19 October 2021
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Working on your landscape is something you may become interested in after getting settled into your home. However, you may love your backyard's appearance and features. A worthy alternative is to invest in your front yard with several new additions. You can get started by learning about excellent landscape additions and then hiring professionals to incorporate them.

Privacy Hedges

In your backyard, you may have ample privacy that makes your family feel comfortable going outside at any time. You can get the same level of privacy for your front yard by growing privacy hedges throughout the entire space. Even if you cannot add a tall fence because of city and neighborhood regulations, you can still grow tall privacy hedges for reliable privacy.

Living on a busy street makes this addition extra beneficial if you have a front porch because you can go out there and enjoy your time privately. Another perk is blocking out sound from drivers and pedestrians, which can make your front porch a more relaxing place to spend time.


Make your front yard more vibrant, colorful, and inviting with flowers. You can work with landscapers to add flowers that mesh with the colors throughout your property. Another option is picking bold and bright colors if your house and landscape are mainly neutral in color.

An important part of picking flowers is choosing annuals, perennials, or both. Going with perennials is a wise choice if you want to keep the same flowers on a yearly basis. Annuals work well when you are interested in routine change because you can pick new flowers every year.


While privacy hedges can give you reliable privacy, you will get other benefits from growing front yard trees. You may enjoy adding a tree that casts shade over a sunny area. You can make the space more enjoyable to use and minimize the chance of skin damage from the coverage.

Deciding on a tree location is tough, especially when you plan on having it for multiple decades. Ideally, you want to minimize the chance of damage happening. This makes it helpful to look at the sidewalk, house, and driveway. A tree's roots can expand far enough underneath the surface to make contact with these features and potentially cause serious damage.

Being careful with selecting a tree spot will help you in many ways as a homeowner.

Contact a local landscaping service to get more ideas.