5 Benefits Of Tree Removal

29 July 2021
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Although trees are beautiful and necessary, sometimes it is better to have one removed. The following are some examples of the benefits of tree removal on your property.

1. Open Up a View

Although trees are beautiful in their own right, their presence can be frustrating if there is the prospect of an awe-inspiring view behind them. It makes sense to remove the trees if you want to open up a water or valley view for example or make it easier to gaze upon a nearby peak. Trimming the trees may not be enough, and it will be an ongoing battle to keep them low enough to maximize the view. Removal is often the better choice.

2. Decrease Heating Bills

A home heavily shaded by evergreens can be downright cold in the winter months because sunlight won't be able to penetrate and warm up the home. This can lead to the need for increased heating and the energy costs that entails. Removing some or all of the trees can solve the issue. If you still want trees to reduce summer cooling needs, replace the removed evergreens with deciduous trees. 

3. Improve Lot Usability

Your home lot can be hard to use as desired if it is covered in trees. You may want open areas for play and entertaining, for example, or perhaps you need a sunny spot for a vegetable garden. Selectively removing trees increases the ways you can use the lot without the need to remove every tree. This way you still have shade where you need it and sun or open spaces where these are preferred.

4. Prevent Hazards

There are many hazards that trees can pose. Those that grow too close to the home can damage foundations or roofs or pose a risk in wildfire country. Even in more open areas of the property, dead or dying trees pose a fall risk that can lead to property damage or an injury. Removal of the problem tree is the only suitable solution. 

5. Increase Home Value

Although trees can sometimes add to a home's value, they can also detract from it. Any tree that poses any of the above issues decreases the value of a home. Certain messy or high-maintenance trees can also reduce a home's value due to the amount of work needed to keep them healthy and attractive. Removing trees, along with the stumps, can improve curb appeal and home value. 

Contact a tree removal service near you if you need more help with the trees on your property.