The Basics Of Your Landscape Maintenance Needs

25 May 2021
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Once you have invested the time, money, and effort into the landscaping on your property, you'll realize that this is only the beginning. Once your landscape is crafted the way that you want it, you'll have to maintain it. There's a lot to consider when it comes to landscape maintenance, and many homeowners opt to hire a landscape contractor to handle that maintenance instead of trying to keep up with it themselves. Here's a look at some of the tasks that you can expect from your landscape maintenance crew.

Trees And Shrubs

One of the things that you'll have to keep up with to keep your landscape looking good is trimming the trees and shrubs. Your landscape contractor can sculpt your shrubs, keep the trees trimmed and healthy, and ensure that you don't risk overgrowth that can threaten your home. It's easy for these things to grow rapidly and uncontrolled if they aren't maintained, so make sure that your landscaper will keep them trimmed for you.


Planting flower beds can give your home great curb appeal, but it only stays that way so long as you keep the flowers weeded and watered. Watering is pretty easy to take care of, but weeding can be time-consuming. If you don't have the time to handle weed control in your flower beds, you don't have to sacrifice those flowers. Instead, you can work with a landscape contractor who will handle the weeding for you periodically to allow your flowers to flourish.


Mulching around your flower beds, trees, shrubs, and other landscape elements will help to retain moisture in the soil. Mulch can also help to prevent weed germination, which will minimize the weed growth in those beds and around your shrubs. Your landscape contractor will help you with this by applying fresh mulch for you as it is needed to protect the landscape elements that you have so carefully curated. And, since mulch will fade, deteriorate, and wash away over time, your landscaper can keep up with the periodic mulch applications to keep those areas protected.

These are some of the most important elements of landscape maintenance. You don't have to sacrifice a well-landscaped property just because you don't have time for the upkeep. Work with a landscaper near you to create a maintenance plan that includes these and any other necessary elements. Your landscaper can even help you determine any additional care needs that there may be.

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