5 Reasons Why Tree Trimming Is A Good Idea

30 November 2019
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Tree trimming projects can seem very involved, and homeowners aren't always clear on what they might accomplish. If you're curious about whether the trees on your property may need to be trimmed, it's worth considering these 5 common reasons why the work is recommended.

Preventing Damage

Especially with more mature trees and ones located in high-wind areas, there is a risk that limbs can trigger property damage. Preemptively trimming a tree can ensure that large limbs, old ones and decaying ones don't break loose at inopportune times. This is particularly important if a tree is close to a house, where you park your vehicles or another structure.


Uneven and shabby growth can make a tree look just unappealing. One limb, for example, might shoot really far to the right side. Even if the tree is otherwise healthy, this can make it look too unbalanced.

Similarly, branches and limbs can fill in to create tightly packed centers that don't allow light through. Selectively trimming these spots out can open the tree up visually.

Improved Longevity

Another reason on the health side of the ledger is that every branch represents a cost to the tree in terms of nutrients. Over time, sustaining excess branches can impact the survivability of the tree. By reducing outcroppings, you can help the tree to focus on maintaining a healthy core. Notably, this can also make the tree more physically secure because the tree can now afford the necessary energy to put down deeper and wider roots, too.

Home Security

Trees and bushes located close to houses represent security risks. If a limb has grown to the point that it overhangs a house's porch, for example, that can become a point of entry. Someone wanting to break into a house will typically find the second-story windows to be easier points of entry. In exchange for the bother of climbing a tree, they get a much friendly way to break in. It's wise to keep solid tree limbs at least 10 feet away from your house for this reason.

Promoting Sugar and Fruit Production

As previously mentioned, the energy that goes into keeping distant branches and limbs alive reduces a tree's core health. With that reduction in health comes less sugar and fruit. That might be fine if you have a pine tree, but it can significantly reduce the value of an apple tree or a maple.

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