How To Prune Your Trees Correctly

21 November 2018
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If you have a lot of trees in your yard, you may be the envy of your neighbors. However, you'll want to do the right task to help your trees look the best. It's essential to prune your trees on a regular basis if you're going to enjoy the beauty these can offer. Of course, being armed with the right knowledge is the best method for having long-term success.

1.    Visually inspect the tree

The first order of business is to take a long look at the tree that needs work. You'll want to have a good idea of how tremendous the job is before you get started.

Remember always to start the pruning at the top of the tree and work downwards from there. Doing so will enable you to get this job done with more ease and efficiency.

2.    Choose the ideal season

There are certain times of the year that is much better for pruning. For instance, you should avoid doing this task during the spring when the leaves are just starting to bloom.

It's much better to do this vital job during the summer months because this will reduce the probability of weakening the trees.

3.    Keep up maintenance

It's a great idea not to wait until the branches on the tree is causing it to sag. This could be extremely harmful to the tree and less than ideal.

You can avoid this concern by pruning routinely to assist in allowing all of your trees to look healthy and appear more attractive.

4.    Don't get too close to the trunk

You may find yourself in a hurry and merely get too carried away with your pruning efforts in an attempt to get the job done. The problem with this is that you may trim too close the trunk of the tree and this could prevent growth.

Additionally, you'll want not to have severe flesh cuts because these can take a lot of time to recover. Be mindful at all times when working to have a healthier tree.

Making the most out of your trees and getting the healthier appearance you crave is an investment of time. However, you'll be capable of reaping the dividends of your hard work during the peak seasons of the year. Having a yard full of trees that are healthy and attractive can increase the value of your home. Don't delay completing this project promptly. Contact a service, like Alley Tree Removal, to get started.