Timber! Factors That Can Affect Your Tree Removal Price

16 June 2018
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There are many reasons why you may want a tree on your property removed. The tree may be diseased or dying, the tree may be rubbing on your roof or invading your plumbing system, or you may want to clear space for a pool or swing set. Regardless of why you want the tree removed, the fact remains that the price for tree removal is not fixed. Here are a few of the factors that can affect how much you will pay to have your tree removed. 

How the Tree is Being Removed

There are different ways that a tree can be removed from your property. Having a tree chopped down is usually the most inexpensive way to remove a tree. But, if the tree is healthy, and you just want it removed to clear your land, you may wish to save the tree.

Removing a live tree and having it relocated can increase the cost of tree removal. Additionally, what happens to the trunk after a tree is chopped down also affects the price. If the trunk is pulled out, it costs more than using chemicals to kill the stump and root system or grinding the stump down. 

The Size of the Tree

Another factor that also affects your tree removal price is the size of the tree that is being removed. The size of the tree affects what tools are needed to remove the tree and how many people need to be present to help remove it.

If the tree is smaller, you may only need one professional with a chainsaw to remove the limbs of the tree and then slowly chop the trunk down. However, if your tree is larger, you may need multiple professionals operating rigs and chainsaws to safely remove the limbs and dispose of the tree. 

Where the Tree is Located

The last factor that can affect your tree removal price is where the tree is located. If you are clearing land in the middle of nowhere, the trees can simply be chopped down at the base, as there is nothing in the way when they fall.

But, if the tree is located close to your home, garage, shed, or neighbors home, more care needs to be taken to ensure that the branches, limbs, or trunk do not cause any damage to structures when they fall. This takes more time, which in turn, drives the cost up. 

If you need a tree removed, it is recommended that you obtain estimates from a few different companies. This can help you find a tree removal company that charges a fair and honest price for the removal of your tree.