3 Sure Signs Your Sprinkler Is Leaking

22 November 2017
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Landscaping is an important part of the look and value of your home. Without sufficient water, your lawn, shrubs, flowers, and trees will brown and die, decreasing your overall landscape design. Most people are capable of watering their yard with a garden hose, but an irrigation system offers a more efficient and effective solution. Unfortunately, issues that affect the function of this innovative watering system may arise. These issues can prevent the irrigation from working at all or they may cause the system to leak. If you are noticing one or more of these signs, your sprinkler system is most likely leaking, which can be wasteful and costly.

Unexplained Increase In Water Bills

One of the first things you may notice is a drastic increase in your monthly water bills. Unless you know you are using a large amount of extra water for washing the house, cars, or laundry, there is most likely a hidden leak that needs to be addressed.

To determine if this leak is stemming from your irrigation system, shut off the main water supply inside your home. If the water meter continues to increase, the increase is due to a leak in your sprinkler system.

Fixing this leak, or other minor leaks inside your home, can save you an estimated 10 percent on your monthly water bill.

Puddles In Your Lawn/Flowerbeds

Water in your yard may seem like a good thing, but too much can actually have a negative effect on your grass, shrubs, flowers, and trees. Therefore, if you see puddles of water in your lawn or flowerbeds, you must address the link in your irrigation system immediately.

Turn your sprinkler system on and work your way through the entire thing, checking each sprinkler head to ensure it is spraying evenly. Loose gaskets are a common problem that causes the sprinkler heads to spray water haphazardly while dripping water onto the ground beneath it at the same time. This will result in puddling that can harm your landscape.

Uneven Growing

Last, but not least, grass that is growing in one area while not growing in another is most likely due to uneven watering. This uneven application of water is most likely due to an underlying leak in your irrigation system.

Finding the leak will be somewhat easier. Focus on the grass that is greener and more lush, since this area is probably receiving more water than the other areas.

Ensuring your sprinkler system is in proper working condition is important for the environment, your finances, and your landscape design. This guide will educate you on the sure signs there is a leak in your irrigation. Contact a company, like Noble Tree Service Inc.,  for more help.