Want To Have A Tree House For Your Future Kids? 3 Tips For Getting Started

27 July 2016
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Purchasing a property when you already have a family with several kids means you need to work with what you have in the landscape as long-term projects that your kids can enjoy may be out of the picture. But becoming a homeowner at a young age allows you to tackle these projects without a problem. If you do not have any mature trees that are suited to be a future tree house, you should plant one that works.

Pick from the Best Species

One of the most important details when it comes to building a tree house is the species of the tree. Some species are just not strong enough to support a tree house that all of your kids can enjoy. Hardwoods including pine, cedar, and redwood provide a great deal of strength that allows for flexible building. While building within other trees is possible, the sturdier trees just provide you with fewer limitations. As a long-term project, you do not want to work so hard and so long on something that is not fully satisfying.

Give Yourself Options

Similar to a number of things in life, you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket. A tree meant for a tree house needs to be completely healthy for it to be worth putting in the time for construction. As long as you have a large enough yard, you should try growing two or three candidates. This will help you avoid running into a problem several years down the line of your single tree not being healthy.

Speak with City Officials

Tree houses may not typically require permission from the city to start with the building. But, this does not mean you should avoid contacting your local officials to get a building permit before you get started. You do not want to spend many years and thousands of dollars building a tree house for your kids, only to receive a letter that you need to take it down. Although you might want to wait until the tree you plant grows into maturity to contact the city, you should gather information before you even start planting.

Tree houses are often a long-term project, not just in letting the tree grow into maturity, but in building it as well. Using these tips will help you start the long process of having a tree house for your future kids.

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