4 Options For Removing A Tree

9 February 2016
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Whether your tree's branches are encroaching on a neighbor's property or it is simply on its last limb and dying a slow and painful death, there are many reasons you may need to remove a tree from your property. For as many reasons there are for wanting to remove a tree, there are ways to remove a tree. This brief article will inform you of a few of the most common.

Mow The Tree

Mowing the tree is obviously not an option for full sized trees, but for saplings that are no more than 3 inches in diameter, a brush mower can easily take one down with little hassle. A brush mower will also sufficiently slice and dice the sapling, turning it into mulch, which is healthy for your lawn.


Using a chainsaw against a tree is perhaps the most common way of getting rid of one. A chainsaw is particularly effective if the tree is still relatively young, low to the ground, and has little in the way of branches. Remember to take the proper safety precautions while using a chainsaw and make sure that you wear safety goggles, a hard hat, and work gloves. While using a chainsaw is an effective way to get rid of most of the tree, you will still be left with the stump and root system.

Rid It By The Root

Recently developed tools have allowed for the removal of the tree by its based, ripping it out roots and all. One such product, the Brush Grubber, allows you to grab ahold of relatively small tree by its base with the tools metal based "jaws". These jaws are heavy spikes attached to a clasp that will drive far into the innards of the tree. You can then attach the Brush Grubber to the hitch of your truck via a chain. Step on the gas and by simply moving forward, you will have rid yourself of the tree, roots and all.

Tree Shear

A tree shear is a plow-like device that attaches to your lawnmower or ATV and allows you ram into trees with branches that are low to the ground. The blades of the plow are particularly sharp and will drive the tree right into the ground. A tree shear is recommended if you have an area or line of trees like evergreens to get rid of.

There are numerous ways to get rid of a tree at your disposal. Hopefully, this brief article has informed you of a few of the most common ways.

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