4 Things You Will Want To Know About Dealing With Hazardous Trees Near Your Home

26 January 2016
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Trees that are too close to your home can quickly become an emergency. This is why care of your trees is important. There may also be trees that are too close or dangerous and need to be cut down. When you have trees around your home, there are some things you may want to know to prevent them from becoming a hazard, such as proper trimming and when trees need to go. Here are some things that you will want to know about hazardous trees around your home:

1. Trees That Are Too Close To Your Home

Sometimes, there are trees that are too close to your home. While hardwood trees can be valuable, there are times when they may need to be remove. Softwoods like pine trees are a danger that you do not want to have near your home. For the hardwoods, you will want to make sure they are trimmed and the pines are trees that you will want to have removed to keep your home safe.

2. Dealing With Damaged Trees And Emergencies

There are also times when you may have an emergency that needs attention. Tree branches that fall and damage your home may need to be removed. If a tree has been severely damaged during a storm and is close to falling, it may need to be removed to keep your home safe. Other emergencies can include insects and diseases that kill trees and leave them at risk of falling on your home.

3. Trimming And Pruning Trees To Keep Them Healthy

It is also important that trees are well-trimmed to ensure they are not a danger to your home. Some trees may provide valuable shade that helps keep your home cool during the summer, but this can also cause problems for moss on your roof. Trees need to be trimmed to allow light through to prevent fungus from growing. You may also want to keep branches cut back to keep them away from your home and utilities.

4. Reducing The Cost Of Removal By Dealing With Tree Waste

When you do have a tree removed, there is also the cost of dealing with the waste. If you deal with the waste yourself, you can save on removal and trimming. Tree services will charge for disposing of the waste, which is more work for them. You can use the waste for firewood, mulch and compost to help reduce the cost of tree removal.

These are some things that you will want to know about having hazardous trees around your home. If you have trees that are too close for comfort, contact a tree removal service and talk with them about removing them. If you have trees that are too close to your house, contact a business like Destiny's Tree Service LLC.