Is A Dead Tree In Your Yard Swaying? Get Help Fast

22 January 2016
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Have you noticed a tree in your yard it rotting and leaning, and you worry it's going to fall on your home at any moment? It's time to call a tree removal service that can get the job done as soon as possible.

You don't want your home and the people inside of it or the property of any of your neighbors at risk because you didn't take the time to properly maintain your yard. Here are some important reasons why you don't want to try doing it with your own tools at home.

Cutting Trees is Highly Dangerous

The results if you don't know what you're doing when you cut down a tree could be severe injury, and it could be even be death. The occupation of cutting down trees is a dangerous one, and it something that should be left to the professionals. You don't want to be responsible for your own injuries or for the damages or harm to someone else. It can be hard to know what way a tree is going to fall or how it's going to turn because of the branches. If the tree takes down a powerline there can be several more dangers.

The Job is Exhausting

You can't start a job and then leave the project half-finished in your yard, and you'll need to get the debris out immediately. The homeowners association may not allow the debris to sit in the yard, and the branches will kill the grass. If a child or other person came into the yard to climb on branches and tripped or got hurt, you would be liable. You need to have the manpower, the right tools, and all the machinery to do the job efficiently.


The tree removal company is insured and bonded, so they can pay for any damages that may occur while the tree is being removed. You don't have that type of coverage on your homeowners insurance, so you can be liable and could be sued for anything that happens during the tree removal practice.

If you are worrying about an old tree swaying in the wind and you're afraid you will hear it crack and it will come tumbling down, then you need to get a tree removal company over there right away. The company can assess how close the tree is to falling down and take the weather into account to see when they can start working on the project. Don't drag your feet with a dead tree; get it removed from your property right away for safety.

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