Four Winter Tree Care Tips To Keep Your Trees Healthy Until Spring Arrives

19 January 2016
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Even though the leaves have fallen off your trees, they are still alive and need care. You may want to do some trimming and other maintenance to prepare them for the arrival of spring. Doing this can ensure that your trees have healthy growth and are protected from things like insect infestations and disease. It can also provide a natural habitat for birds and other animals. Here are some tips to help prepare your trees for spring while the weather is still cold out:

1. Choose A Dry Day With Mild Weather To Start Caring For Your Tree  

During the autumn and winter months, there is a lot of moisture and cold weather. This may not be the best time to do tree care. To minimize stress to your tree, choose a dry day with temperatures that are warmer than normal. This will not only protect your tree, but it will also make doing the work more enjoyable.

2. Cut The Damaged And Unhealthy Tree Limbs First

Before you start trimming and shaping your tree, you will want to remove unhealthy branches first. If there are limbs that have broken during storms, cut them to prevent branches from falling in the future. You will also want to remove branches that have been effected by insects or disease. This will help improve the health of your tree and prevent these problems from spreading.

3. Remove The Branches That Crowd Areas Of The Canopy

A crowded canopy in your tree can reduce light and create other problems. Cutting out the branches that crowd the canopy can help promote healthy growth. It will allow more light to come through and give your tree a healthier canopy. Remove any branches that are clustered in one area and block sunlight. This can also be good for trees over the roof of your home because more light will also reduce problems with moss and lichen.

4. Choosing Branches To Leave And Develop The Shape Of The Canopy

Once you have the unhealthy branches and clutter trimmed for your tree, you will be ready to start shaping it. You will want to cut branches that are growing off main limbs. Leave only the main branches that define the shape of the canopy. You can remove branches that seem to be in an odd place and do not make up the shape of the canopy. In addition, remove lower branches and those that weigh down larger limbs.

These are some tips to help you care for your trees during the winter months. If you need help with tree care, contact a landscaping service and talk with them about tree trimming and other care your trees need before spring arrives. For more information, contact a business such as Greatland Tree Service.