Three Tree-Trimming Jobs That Are Best Left For The Professional

26 August 2015
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As a homeowner, it's a satisfying feeling to grab some trimming tools and clean up the appearance of the trees around your yard. Whether large or small, properly trimmed trees make your yard look tidy and boost your home's curb appeal. Even if you're an avid do-it-yourselfer, there are times that it's best to put down your saw and pick up the phone to call a licensed and insured tree-trimming service like All Around Landscape & Tree Service. Although there are a variety of jobs you can safely handle on your own, there are others for which a professional is a necessity. Here are three types of job that are best left for a professional tree trimmer.

Trimming With A Ladder

Any time you drag your step ladder out of the garage to tackle a trimming project, it's a better idea to arrange for a visit from a professional. The danger of tree trimming increases when you're several feet off the ground; it can be difficult enough to cut through a thick tree branch when your feet are steady, but you're risking an injury by standing atop a wobbly ladder on uneven ground -- especially if you're using a chainsaw. A professional tree trimmer will have the right equipment to deal with the problem safely. For extremely tall trees, many tree services use a boom truck.

Trimming Near Power Lines

If you stand back to look at your trimming job and are concerned that a branch you cut off will fall into some nearby power lines, this is definitely a time to get a professional involved. Attempting the job on your own could lead to a serious injury, a power outage in your home and perhaps even some trouble with your city's by-law department. Tree services deal with this sort of situation all the time and know how to expertly tie off the branches to be able to safely control them once they're cut from the tree.

Jobs In Tight Quarters

If your yard is relatively small and is surrounded by neighbors' property, it's a smart idea to involve a professional tree service with your trimming job. Trimming a tree can be simple in a wide-open space but a notable challenge in tight quarters and the last thing you need is a heavy branch falling and damaging a fence or breaking something in a neighbor's yard. These problems can lead to ugly disputes with those who live next to you. A professional will be able to complete the job safely and ensure there's no damage on either side of the fence.