Have An Ugly Tree Stump? Learn How To Get Rid Of It

3 February 2016
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If an old tree on your property needed to be cut down, you will be left with the ugly tree stump where it once stood tall. A tree stump can ruin the look of the landscaping around your home, which is why many homeowners decide to get rid of it. It's easier said than done, but for those that want to tackle the challenge on their own, it can be done in these ways.

Special Equipment           

Chances are that you do not have a stump grinder around the house, so you'll need to rent one from a local tool rental company. It's the same tool that professionals use.

The stump will need to be as small as it can be, which can be done using a chainsaw. You set the blade on the stump grinder slightly below the top of the stump, and move the grinder back and forth to remove a small chunk of the stump. Lower the blade and repeat the process until the stump has been removed below the surface level.


Your local home improvement store will sell chemicals that can be used to remove a stump. It involves drilling several holes into the stump, and pouring the chemicals into it. You repeat the process every couple of days, and eventually the wood will start to disintegrate to the point where you can easily dig it out.


If you use enough brute force, you do not need any special tools or chemical to get rid of a tree stump. All you need is a shovel and an ax. Simply dig out around the stump and chop away at the roots. Eventually, you'll be able to lift the tree stump out from the ground.


You'll need to wait until there's no rain in the forecast for about a week. Drill holes into the stump, and pour gasoline into them. After 1 week, place a lit match into the holes to set fire to the stump. This will make it easy to chop away at the wood for removing it.


Sometimes a way to get rid of a tree stump is to make it less of an eyesore. Drill out the center of the stump, but leave a couple inches around the outside perimeter to create a container. You can fill the hole with soil to use the stump as a big flower pot.

If you are having trouble removing the tree stump on your own, seek out professional help.

For professional stump removal, contact a company such as Brown's Tree Service.